Snowy nails

I don’t about you,but Christmas time is so much better when there is snow on the ground! Here are some ideas for snowy nails for the holidays and the winter!

Idea #1- You just need a blue base and white nail polish. You can use the tip of a bobby pin or the dip of a tooth pick to make the white snow flake blobs!

snowy nails

Idea #2 : Well who doesn’t love Frosty the Snowman?! This will be perfect for you if you love snowmen, it is super easy to do! You just need white, black and orange nail polish to make your snowy little snowman nails. I would again suggest to use a bobby pin or a tooth pick to make those round circles extra perfect!snowy nailsIdea #3 You could also just paint your nails a sparkly white/cream colors, here are two Essie polishes that could make your nails. The two Essie polishes are A peak of chic and Pure pearlfection!

peak of chic - encrusted By Essie pure pearlfection - luxeffects By Essie

Hope you have a snowy holiday and that have nails to match 🙂


Red, Green and Glitter

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year (well not quite), but very very soon! The holidays are coming in the next couple weeks so are your nails sporting red, green or glitter in support of the holidays?! This post will be all about the colors red, green and gold!

Here are some ideas for your nails this season:

1) Glitter & Red

Glitter and red

This is so simple for everyone to do! All you need to do is paint every nail red except your ring finger! Your ring finger is for the glitter polish! I would recommend putting a clear polish on nail before putting the glitter on, it will help you in the long run when it is time to take it off.

2)Gold Glitter, Green & Red

Glitter, Green and Red!This one is super simple as well! You need three colors gold, green and red, you also need masking tape. The masking tape is so that you can get straight lines in between each color and it also keeps things neat!

3) Red & Gold Glitter

Red & Gold

Okay to be honest I hope you weren’t looking for some complicated holiday nails because I chose to put up three simple & really easy nails! This one is just two colors red and gold glitter! You can use reinforcement tabs to make that round shape and to keep things neat!

Happy Holidays! Don’t forget to follow me on twitter, pinterest and facebook to see more updates 🙂


Holiday nail colors

Has anyone been thinking of what you might want to paint your nails for the holidays?

I am going to show you my favorite holiday colors tonight and the next post Monday will be some nail art ideas!

Here is the perfect green and I just love the name of it! It is called Shake your $$ maker from Essie.

shake your $$ maker - greens By Essie

Essie has so many choices when it comes to the color red which made it even harder to choose a red! I ended up choosing this creamy & sophisticated red called Aperitif.

aperitif - reds By Essie

My favorite holiday nail polish selections wouldn’t be complete without….GLITTER of course! This color is a cross between gold and silver glitter, which is just simply perfecto for the holidays :)! You always have to outshine other peoples nails and why not do it with the Essie’s Hors d’oeuvres nail color!

hors d'oeuvres - encrusted By Essie

Be sure to comment below or tweet to me your favorite holiday colors! I want to hear every ones thoughts and opinions 🙂

Christmas shopping?

It’s time to start thinking of what you want for Christmas or what you want to get others for Christmas! How about some really pretty  nail polish?!  I can tell you that Essie’s Ignite the Night polish is on my list! Its silver and full of sparkles, perfect for me! I actually am in love with the whole essies new collection of  Belugaria, there is so much glitter & shine! Silver is my top color on my list this year, it’ll be perfect for New Years Eve!

Here is Ignite the Night from Essie, it’ll look perfect with almost everything! I can’t wait to try it on!

ignite the night By Essie

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone (Well a day early)! Now if you are still wondering what you should be doing with your nails, look here for some inspiration! I found some ideas off of pinterest for you, and be sure to check out my last two posts of my nails that are fall festive for the holiday. You could paint your nails while watching the parade tomorrow before the day gets too crazy for you!

Here is the first idea:

1) Really, really easy! You just need 5 different colors of red, orange, green and brown! You just have to paint each nail a different solid color. Now how much easier can it get?!


2) Turkey Nails! You just need brown, blue, black, red and yellow colors! Super easy!Thanksgiving

3) Turkey Thumb! You make the thumb the turkey then the other nails the feathers, then when you press your fingers next to one another it looks as if this turkey has very colorful nails. Thanksgiving

Now go paint your nails super festive before you make your chocolate pie or pumpkin pie! Have a great holiday tomorrow 🙂

Fall Festive Nails

Fall FestiveSo fall festive nails for your thanksgiving holiday! You need brown, a light tan color, yellow, orange and red to complete this look! I chose my thumb and index finger to paint a tree, the others I just did random colorful leaves falling. It is a perfect fall and thanksgiving holiday nail for you! Now get to painting so you can cook all day tomorrow and thursday! Be sure to come back tomorrow to see more thanksgiving nail ideas on the blog!

Fall Chevron Nails


Okay so thanksgiving is this week, want to impress your family & friends with festive nails? Gather up your fall colors and build a chevron pattern for your nails! I used orange, this cranberry red, white , gold and black to make the festive nails. I did it free handed, but if that isn’t possible for you then you can just use to tape to make the edges and lines cleaner. You can use any color you would like, I just liked these colors because they were fall like and they look good with one another!